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Work Placements

According to the British Academy, well-rounded graduates, equipped with core quantitative skills, are vital if the UK is to retain its status as a world leader in research and higher education, rebuild its economy, and provide citizens with the means to understand analyse and criticise data.

Unfortunately, the UK has a shortage of social science graduates with the quantitative skills necessary to evaluate evidence, analyse data, and design and commission research. These quantitative research skills are essential to employers across all sectors of the workplace – academia, government, business and charities.

To find out more, read the British Academy guide to maximising your prospects, titled 'Stand Out and Be Counted'

Recent Placements


(POLIS Tripos)

"My time at YouGov was spent embedded with the political team, which is a fairly tightly-knit and autonomous part of the larger company, which makes up a small part of overall revenue but a large amount of the public profile of the company. It was satisfying to feel a useful part of a team handling important projects, rather than just an intern doing work for its own sake..."

Read Nick's full report


Placement Banner - Miz Hashimoto

During my Easter holidays this year I was lucky enough to undertake a placement with YouGov's Social and Political Team. As a politics student taking a paper on quantitative methods, this was an exciting opportunity to combine and put into practice my two interests of contemporary British politics, and statistics – with one of the UK's leading polling companies, no less, and at a time when both local elections and the EU Referendum were looming...

Read Miz's full report
Read Miz's YouGov article


Current Opportunities

University Careers Service

CUQM works with the University of Cambridge Careers Service and other relevant organisations to provide students with invaluable work placement experience. These work placements will not only enhance students’ CVs but will give students a chance to put their quant method training into practice.

  • Full listings of current placements available through the Careers Service can be found, here.
  • Some current opportunities provided by the University Careers Service that CUQM students might be interested in can be found here.
  • CUQM also engages directly with organisations to arrange student work placements. Details of these placements can be found here.

There may be bursaries available to students who participate in work placements, so please inform the , if you are successful in getting a work placement, or if you have any other work placement related questions.

 It is particularly worth taking a look at this webpage on a regular basis between the months of December and April as this is when the list of placements is at its peak.