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Cambridge Undergraduate Quantitative Methods



The Covid-19 Pandemic has significantly disrupted CUQMs capacity to deliver in-person courses in Michaelmas 2020 and Lent 2021. Nonetheless, our flagship Introduction to Statistics Course will run online in Easter 2021.

Details can be found below, and registration will open during Lent Term. 

Introduction to Statistics | Easter 2021

The 'Introduction to Statistics' is a two day course aimed at undergraduate social scientists who want to know about the fundamentals of analysing and presenting statistical data. 

Day 1

We will introduce procedures for analysing statistical data (including measures of central tendency, shape and spread of a variable, and graphical analysis), and deconstruct the use and misuse of statistics by the media and politicians.

Day 2

We will cover significance testing, and techniques for analysing relationships between two variables (including tables, measures of association, and advanced graphical analysis).

NB. The topics and techniques will be demonstrated using the software package SPSS; No previous knowledge of statistics is required.



Past Events

Lent Term 2020 - Introduction to Regression

Moving from simple to more complex models, this one day course provides an overview of OLS regression and provides practical training in SPSS.

Social researchers often explore whether a range of variables influence a particular outcome. For example, this could involve investigating the effects that gender, school type, family composition, parental education level, and parental income have on a child’s school results. Regression analysis is a very useful technique for these purposes, allowing researchers to investigate the combined effect of one or more factors on an outcome.

Ideas covered build on the foundational concepts established in the Introduction to Statistics for Social Scientists run by CUQM.

Regression analysis is a vital tool for any researcher. The emphasis of the course is on the development of practical skills that will enable you to apply OLS regression in your chosen field of study..