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The CUQM Centre has four core members of staff and a steering committee.

Brendan3 (3).jpgDr Brendan Burchell is Director of the Cambridge Undergraduate Quantitative Methods Centre and is also Reader in the Social Sciences in the Department of Sociology. His research interests are the effects of labour market experiences (e.g. job insecurity, work intensification, bankruptcy, unemployment) on psychological well-being; The social psychological effects of precarious employment and unemployment; Analysis of complex work and life histories data; Gender segregation, men’s and women’s life cycle and career; Emotional reactions to personal finances: “Financial Phobia”. Dr Burchell is a Member of the Sociological Research Group and Individual in the Labour Market Reading group.


Anna VignolesProfessor Anna Vignoles is Deputy Director of the Cambridge Undergraduate Quantitative  Methods Centre and is also Professor of Education. She has published widely on widening participation in higher education, social mobility, the impact of school resources on pupil achievement and on the socio-economic gap in pupil achievement. Her research interests include issues pertaining to equity in education, school choice, school efficiency and finance and the economic value of schooling. Anna is an Associate Editor for The Cambridge Journal of Education and Education Economics. She is a member of the ESRC Research Committee.



Matthew (3).jpgDr Matthew Sparkes is a Teaching Associate within the Department of Sociology. Matthew began his academic career in Leeds completing a BA in Sociology, before moving onto York to complete an MA in Social Research Methods. He has recently completed his PhD on personal debt. The research interweaves Matthew’s different research interests including identity, culture, class, and neoliberalism.