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Cambridge Undergraduate Quantitative Methods








Dr Mónica Moreno Figueroa
Lecturer in Sociology

“I accepted the invitation of Brendan and Matthew of thinking what quantitative material could be useful for my lecturing. Wanting to have as up-to-date material as possible I asked Matthew to help me put together information of the 2015 Mexican Intercensal Survey which had incorporated for the first time ever a racial/ethnic self-identification for black people. I already had a sense that the results when comparing them to indigenous and mestizo population were quite interesting due to the tensions and contradictions they point to but being able to show this visually in charts and tables was extremely useful to discuss in the lecture.

Students really appreciate condensed and visually appealing information and it was great we could produce this in-house with very recently published statistical material I am not familiar in handling. This was also useful for the current research I’m developing around the inclusion of this question. So all in all, the quantitative data was useful in many ways and it also helped show students how we are flexible and open to current knowledge being transmitted and discussed in the classroom.”