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Maths/Statistics Resources

The UK Data Service has launched a  Student Forum which will be of interest to students studying or using quantitative methods and survey data in their research or degree programmes. The ‘UK Data Service Student Forum’ is a discussion forum on how to source and use data from the UK Data Service. The forum also provides peer-to-peer support for students using data in their research. They welcome all students to join the forum and share examples and advice on quantitative related issues. 

Joining the UK Data Service Student Forum is easy! Anyone with a Facebook account can join the group. The following link will bring you directly to the group:!/groups/1500417873616742/?fref=ts Or you can search for ‘UK Data Service Student forum’ in the search bar on the top left of your Facebook page. The forum is moderated by Dr Kathryn Simpson, a Research Associate at the UK Data Service.

 The UK Data Service has also developed a new ‘Using Survey Data Guide’. The Using survey data guide and its suite of related web pages aim to cover the key stages of research and include sections on developing research questions and designs, finding and accessing relevant survey data, data analysis and reporting results. It also includes materials for further reading, as well as worksheets - some of which examine topics using an example research project, looking at what determines fear of crime using data from the Crime Survey for England and Wales 2013-2014 and SPSS.

The Using Survey Data Guide can be found here:


The University of Cambridge Statistics Clinic offers free statistical consulting services to all university members. The clinic sessions happen fortnightly during the term and around once a month outside of the term. They are based in the Statistical Laboratory at the Centre for Mathematical Sciences. More information and clinic dates can be found here:


The Royal Statistical Society is a charity that promotes statistics, data and evidence for the public good. It offers free e-membership to students which entitles students to receive the e-bulletin and access to the Significance iOS/Android app. More details can be found here:


Some other resources that students might find useful are listed below:


Mathematics in Education and Industry (MEI) has produced some useful resources for students who haven't studied Maths A Level. They are designed to enable students to think about real problems using mathematics. They are called Critical Maths Resources and are found here:


The ESRC Quantitative Methods Initiative website has a useful collection of Learning Resources. Click on the 'Learning Resources' link for the relevant section:


Journeys in Survey Research provides a selection of links to SPSS and statistics websites and recommended resources, ranging from beginner level to more advanced:


The Statistics Learning Centre provides lots of videos and resources from Dr Nic:


Statistics for the Humanities - a free downloadable book aimed at students of Archaeology, History, Linguistics:


The Open University has an online unit titled 'Getting Started with SPSS'. The aim of the tutorial is to help students new to statistics and SPSS to learn how to get started with studying statistics using the software package SPSS:


Indiana University provides another 'Getting Started with SPSS' online tutorial: