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Cambridge Undergraduate Quantitative Methods


sage CUQM SOC5 Prize Winner

Congratulations to Nicole Lau (Education, Homerton College) who has won the CUQM/SAGE prize for highest mark in the 2018 SOC5 (Statistics and Methods) exam paper. Nicole has won £100 worth of books from SAGE publishers.


Nicole has offered her reflections of SOC5 and outlines the benefits of undertaking the paper:

"As a finalist who has recently completed the Education Tripos, my main academic interests lie within the Sociology of Education, of which I hope to pursue a career in policy research that addresses the inequalities of the UK’s higher education access. Therefore, taking Statistics and Methods (SOC5) was originally purposed to provide me the basic research skills I will require in the future. Whilst I was initially uncertain in whether the mathematics required for SOC5 would be – so to say – “out of my depth”, I was pleasantly surprised to find the course content to be manageable, accessible, approachable, and that A-Level (or equivalent) Maths was not required. On that note, I highly urge those who are considering the paper not to be put off by the idea that there are numbers involved! Ultimately, I found the course to be both enjoyable and beneficial, and am very grateful to CUQM/Sage for this prize!"