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Cambridge Undergraduate Quantitative Methods


CUQM POL6 2019 Prize Winner 

Congratulations to Jessica Burley who has won the CUQM/SAGE prize for highest mark in the 2019 POL6 (Statistics) exam paper.

Jessica has won £100 worth of books from SAGE publishers.


“Cambridge was challenging and stimulating; it pushed me to think in new ways. Pol6 was a great respite from my otherwise theory-heavy course in politics and international relations. The best part was getting to research and write a statistical report on a topic of our own choice. It was empowering to set the metrics, choose the data and apply code to uncover trends. I examined the variation of gender inequality, as its measure using UN data on the gender-share of domestic labour - a generally neglected metric - and looked at how it was affected by levels of economic neo-liberalism, gendered policies and national cultures/attitudes toward women. I found it exciting to be able to test out various feminist theories with empirical data.

After a gap-year of learning languages, I intend to find work in international politics, particularly working on reducing international inequality and, as a major part of this, looking to reduce the worst impacts of climate change, which is today's largest crisis.”